Self Supporting Interlayers

NYCOPAC has developed and patented a contruction of a vacuum formed interlayer, where the interlayers are self supporting when stacked on top of each others.

The following functions are achieved:

  1. Because the interlayers are self supporting and do not rest on the underlaying layer of products, it is made for products that cannot carry load. The reason could be that the product cannot stand pressure, it can be painted and sensibel and have details pointing out that are dificult to form in.
  2. The patented construction makes it possible to vary the height, to fit different products and to optimize packaging volume.
  3. The interlayers are formed in a way that makes it possible to nest the interlayers during return transport and reduce volume with 60%. compared with a stack of loaded interlayers.
  4. The interlayer can have a downward folded frame(as in picture) that makes (wooden) pallet frames unnecessary.
    No more expensive return transports of pallet frames.
  5. By putting a plastic pallet lid on top of the piled interlayers, it is possible to stack 1 or 2 filled  pallets  on top of the bottom pallet.

Our first version is a euro pallet version for brake discs that are painted on one side and cannot be touched by the packaging.
We have also made a half pallet version