Selection of materials and production technique.
When we design a packaging, we always choose the material that best meets the requirements of the clients needs. In most cases, we will replace or complement the traditional wood based materials to our plastic options. The reason for using the plastic packaging is first of all the  possibility of making custom solutions by forming the plastic to fit what’s going to be transported. Low weight combined with resistance to moisture and chemicals are other benefits.

Vacuum formed plastic Poly Carbonate (PC) , ABS, Poly Styrene (PS) , PET are materials we use for different types of spacers, pallet lids, edge protections, fixtures etc. Our low tooling cost makes our products well suited  for relatively short productions and for large products.

Roll shaped PET / PS / ABS – Blister engineering are used to create molded plastic packaging in long series. NYCOPAC use the method both to create cheap plastic lids for boxes and pallet sleeves for desposable or recyclabe use. Same technique is used to produce cheap disposable liners where returned packaging not is appropriate.

Bubble Guard is a PP material made of three layers , where the middle layer is filled with air bubbles. The bubbles create a unique rigidity in all directions. The material can also be in-line laminated  in various ways, see below.

Ondubol is a PP material with an undulating middle layer where the channels unlike the corrugated plastic runs all the way across which makes it particularly suitable for certain applications.
It is available with either 2 or 3 layers depending of use. Laminating the Bubble Guard and Ondubol is made ​​directly in the production process, in order to obtain specific properties of the material. We can also put on non wowen textile for extra protection to delicate surfaces, Agugliato (felt coating ) can be used for defferent surfaces used in vehicles. By using rubber coated surfaces the material is extra suitable for extra impact protection or to get a scratch resistant surface.