Pallet Lid


NYCOLid – the market ‘s most durable plastic produced pallet lid.

NYCOPAC is one of the largest producer of plastic pallet lids in Scandinavia. We produce extremely strong lids in vacuum-formed PC, vacuum-formed PS (polystyrene) and ABS at lower prices and for disposable use. Our latest news is that we now can produce half pallet lids in roll-formed PET, in larger volumes at very low costs. Our new pallet lid has stacking guides which makes it possible to stack up to 5 x 50 lids per pallet.


The lid has three main uses:

  • Used on top of traditional wood collars to protect the contents against moisture, dirt, chemicals and impact.
  • Used on top of the plastic boxes, type KLT, stacked on a pallet. The lid edges of the lid secure boxes into place on the pallets during loading, transport and unloading.
  • The lid makes it possible to stack several loaded pallets on each other in a stable and secure manner (see image, bottom right).


Available models:
Half pallet lids Standard pallet lids
Disposable Lid 1,2 mm PET 2,0 mm PS
2,0 mm PS
Reusable Lid 2,0 mm PC 2,5 mm PC
2,5 mm PC 3,0 mm PC




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