Interlayer Sheets


Interlayers are used primarily to separate and stabilize the various layers of products placed in a box or on a pallet.
The materials used are either solid plastic sheets or different types of multilayer sheets such as corrugated plastic or the honeycomb plastic material called Bubble Guard.

Bubble Guard is a three-layered PP material where the middle layer consists of bubbles which makes the material extremely rigid in all directions. Bubble Guard weighs very little and has the added advantage that it can be laminated with a variety of different finishes for obtaining specific properties, such as textile, anti-slide and anti scratch.
Corrugated Plastic used as interlayers can be treated with both VCI and ESD. Corrugated plastics can be supplied in thicknesses between 2-20 mm.
Solid plastic sheets are generally used as interleyers used for heavy products. They can be supplied with rubber surfaces for increased friction.

Depending on how much weight the sheet have to support you can choose between solid, corrugated plastic or Bubble Guard sheets for wanted strenght, weight and thickness.
By folding a Bubble Guard sheet over another and die cut one half, we can create an interlayer that keeps the products on the spot without having to invest in any type of expensive forming tools.


Grid mat with VCI are used as spacers in boxes and boxes of rust sensitive details. VCI gas can wander freely through the grid in the box for effective corrosion protection.


Difference between Corrugated plastic and BubbleGuard



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