Formed Interlayers


Nycopac design and produce formed interlayers, primarily for companies in the automotive industries as Volvo, Scania, Iljin and Autoliv, but  several other engineering companies as Sandvik and SAPA are our customers.


Formed interlayers are used for securing the exact positions and protection of products that shall be moved on a pallet or in a box. A large number of the interlayers we have designed and produced are used internally in  robotized production lines where the products have to be in exact positions and easily moved between the robot cells.

We can either produce an interlayer for one time use or as a returnable interlayer, using different materials and  production tecniques.


Vacuum forming, is normally used when you produce larger interlayers where other techniques cannot be used and where you need extra stiffness and durability. The advantage is that the tool cost is low so you can produce relatively small volumes.
We use sheets of PC, PP, ABS or PS, that are placed and heated on the tool, where they are formed by vacuum.


Roll forming(blister), is used for producing interlayers in larger volumes at low prices. With the same tool we can produce thinner interlayers(<0,8mm) for one time use at low prices and by increasing the material thickness >2,0mm(depending on material), we can produce the same interlayer for returnable use.

The maximum dimension off a roll formed interlayer is today 800 x 600mm

In roll forming the material is not in sheets but on a roll and it is with high speed rolled over the tool and formed.

NYCOPAC has invested in a base tool that makes it cheaper to produce multiple form  tools for an effective production of the interlayers and lids..