Our recyclable packaging systems makes several significant environmental benefits!

Most large companies have a environmental policy, which means that the company in all ways works for a  environmental friendly handling. Logistics ie, packaging, storage and transportation of products, becomes an increasing share of the product value and it is particularly important to look at smarter and environment saving choices of packaging.

When using pallets, sleeves and lids in plastic the weight is only half of what wood packaging weights = about 30 kg compared to 60 kg for a wooden pallet with 4 sleeves and a plywood lid.

  • The effect of using light weight and reclyclable plastic  packaging is shown both in less CO emissions and in lower transportation costs.
  • Besides the weight the foldable packaging is using less space when being returned. Our recyclabe packaging makes the use of stretch film unnecessary. Many companies are using stretch film that at the best is reused but in most cases burned. This is a huge waste of resources and significantly more expensive than a recyclable packaging that can be used for many years.
  • A survey made by two students from Linköping University did a comparative lifecycle assessment of disposable packaging. NYCOSleeve was found much more cost effective when compairing it to more common desposable packaging. The total cost  was being calculated with the environmental costs included.
  • Plywood boxes with metal fittings are expensive to recycle and usually have a shorter lifespan than their equivalent in our plastic packaging. In conclusion we can say that our packaging stands for  low weight , long life, high recycling value. Also the small size of the return shipment results in lower overall transportation costs and large positive environment benefits.