Boxes and Crates


This types of boxes are primarily used by the automotive and manufactoring industries. NYCOPAC complements the boxes with interlayers and other inserts. The interlayers can be treated with different types of laminates to provide desired properties such as anti-slide, anti-scratch, TNT etc.


The boxes can also be fitted with our inexpensive dust lids for one time use. The cost is usually only 10% of the supplier standard injection-molded lid and therefore can be discarded after use. If the box has to be washed it is much easier and cheaper to wash the box without lid. One other advantage is that the disposable lid is not making the box higher, such as the standard injection-molded lid does. The lid has edges that locks to the box so it will stay put during handling.

Corrugated plastic boxes (FEFCO)
All slotted boxes made using corrugated cardboard can be made in the more durable corrugated plastic or Bubble Guard. This type of boxes are used mainly when you want to use the box as returnable or have special requirements on the box that demands plastic instead of corrugated cardboard. Although the plastic box can be laminated on the inside with for example TNT to protect sensitive products.

Vacuum formed boxes
If you want a slightly larger box, with special dimensions, and for load that is heavier, a vacuum-formed box is a great option. It can be designed to fit the packaged goods exactly and the box can also be designed to fit stacked in each other during return shipment and stacked on each other when they are filled during transport.



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