Roll shaped PET, PS or ABS is often called blister and is normally used as disposable packaging in larger volumes. The plastic material is on a roll, and can therefore not be thicker than 2 mm. The material is rolled at high speed over a tool where it is formed and die cutted to desired product.

NYCOPAC has invested in a base tool that makes it possible to produce blisters up to a half pallet size. Either we put an insert tool in half pallet size or a number of smaller insert tools on the base tool. This will significant reduce the costs of utility and drastically increase the production efficiency.
The packages can be VCI treated or made to be conductive.


NYCOPAC using this technique for the following products:

1. Disposable Lid.
The dust lids are used to protect the contents of the box from moisture, dust and other particles.
Unlike the molded lid often provided by the maker of the boxes the NYCOPAC lid is made to be fitted and stacked in same way as a box without a lid. This makes the boxes stackable without growing in height.
If the box has to be washed, it can be done much easier and cheaper without using the provided standard cover. After washing, just put on a new lid, this usually save the entire cost of the disposable lid.
NYCOPAC are today delivering blister lids in large volumes to the VDA RL-KLT boxes and Schoeller Alliberts Tellus Boxes. Our flexible construction designers can easily develop a tailor made tool to any other box types.
2. Small blisters.
NYCOPAC are manufacturing all kinds of blister packagings for transporting, storage and displaying of small items. It can be anything from the actual retail packaging box to smaller boxes for transporting small parts between different production units. Increasing of the thickness of the boxes will make them very strong and usable as reclycled containers.
3. Interlayers and formed trays for single- and multi use
By changing the thickness of the material can NYCOPAC produce roll shaped blisters up to half pallet size for both disposable and recycled packaging at very low prices.
Our customers use rollformed blister spacers and lids for single use when the material is soiled and cleaning is expensive or when returnable packaging is impossible.
By increasing the thickness to 1.5-2.0 mm, we can make roll formed blisters up to half pallet size at very low prices. This is appropriate when the production volumes are high.

4. Half pallet lids – Reusable and for one time use.
With the roll fed thermo forming technology, we can produce half pallet lids at very low prices compared to the techniques currently used (vacuum forming and injection molding) and it’s appropriate when the production volumes are high.



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