Beams for Axles and Cylinders


The beams are made of moulded polyuretan, vacuum formed PC or die cut PE Foam with high density. The weight and shape of the product and how it shall be handled, decides the choice of material.

The most important reason for using plastic beams is the necessity to throw out all wooden beams that are widely used in Scandinavia for carrying axles, cylinders and pipes. The wooden beam leaves dust and splinters which is not accepted today in production areas.

NYCOPAC has tested a lot of different materials and production methods that shall be able to compete with the cheap wooden beams, not only in price but also in function. We have found that the beams made of die cut PE foam with high density is very often the best alternative.

  • They are die cut so the tool is cheap and we can produce in smaller volumes
  • They can carry a substantial weight
  • They do not give away any material dust
  • They can be washed and also stand most of the detergents used in the industry
  • They are relatively cheap
  • We can easily produce cheap prototypes for testing.